The Space Outside

Shimnix Films’ The Space Outside charts the inspirational stories of female explorers and adventurers including including Ania LichotaJo BradshawJacki Hill-MurphyMollie Hughes and Cat Vinton.

It aims to give the viewer the inspiration, guidance, and confidence to take their first step on an adventure — be it big, or small.

The film’s director Jessica Pearson was inspired by our first Shextreme Film Festival in 2015 celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure on the big screen. This spark of inspiration propelled Jess forward to maker her short film. The Space Outside went on to win ‘Best Short Film Award’ at Shextreme Film Festival in 2016. Woo!

To follow and support the next three instalments of this adventure series, check out Shimnix Films cinematic home here.

// The Space Outside //

Director, Cinematographer and Editor – Jessica Pearson

Sacha Dench – Aeriel Footage

Poetry –  Bryony Chave-Cox

Music – Lara Conley

Title Graphic and Camera Assistant – Georgie Owen

Interview Assistant – Emma Bell


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