Alone Through Iran: 1144 Miles of Trust

Swedish ultra runner Kristina Paltén’s latest lone adventure leads her to Iran. Her aim: to challenge her own prejudices about Iran. Not content with accepting media’s perceptions of Iran, she proactively decided to discover Iran for herself. Like many inspiring women in adventure, she decided to be the change she wants to see.

She holds two world records for running: 322.93 km in 48 hours on the treadmill and 107.49 km in 12 hours on the treadmill but this proved to be her toughest challenge yet.

In this trailer, Kristina faces her own fears head on throughout this epic, solo and life-changing 1144 miles run.

She is met with kindness and compassion in Iran.

André Larsson – Producer / Director / Photographer / Editor
Shamim Berkeh – Producer / Director / Editor
Jocke Gellertz – Composer
Soroush Morshedian – Photographer

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