The Onde Nostre Crew opens the new year with two episodes dedicated to women!
Luca Merli, Gio Barberis and Matteo Ferrari film an on the road documentary in the female universe, together with Amanda Chinchelli, Betta Dal Bello, and Natalia Resmini – Three friends with creative careers and a passion for surfing.
The episodes tell the story of a fashion designer, a stylist, and an illustrator, each bound by the surfing sisterhood and a deep friendship. They show us the many faceted ways that women confront the sea, and the energy with which they live.
If there’s anyone out there who still thinks surfing is just for guys, here’s proof that will make you think twice!
Onde Nostre’s girls shine under an Italian September sun: Three different styles, perfectly blended, traveling between waves with thoughts on friendship, freedom, and future.
Here episode one.

RITRATTI DI SURF is a series of short videos about surfers, shapers, artists and other characters somehow connected to Onde Nostre and the italian surf culture.

Directed by Luca Merli

Edited by Giovanni “Sbrokked” Barberis and Luca Merli

Photography by Luca Merli, Giovanni “Sbrokked” Barberis, Matteo Ferrari.

Lettering by Luca Barcellona

Music Consultant & Marketing: Gabriele “Gabro” Minelli

Music (In order of appearaces) :
Le Man Avec Les Lunettes ‘4 Notes’
Guts ‘Mi Isla Tropical’
Karibean ‘Rainbow Girl ‘
Garden of Alibi ‘Herman’
Karibean ‘God Bless The Summer’